Monday, May 28, 2007

Miracle Audition: 4TY CENT da bomb!

Last Friday was the auditions for the Miracle Team Challenge at FF IOI. The finalists will be able to present 1 track at the launch of the new release of Bodyjam 41 for a charity event!

That was what I had been busy with... practising da choreography for Bodyjam 34's Disco Inferno (by 50Cent). Whoa... now I know it is not easy to be an instructor. This is only 1 single track, imagine those who have to memorize the chorey for many many releases!!

My tribe??? 4Ty Cent!!

From left: me, Farah, Jean and Ann

We've been practising until pretty late at night, because we had to start our practices rather late, after the studios are free from the group-x classes.

Huddling for last minute pep-talk!

We did a few boo-boos during the performance but it was really fun! I could feel the tribe-chemistry of 4Ty Cent's performance!!! Hot!

Hip hop mania!

Bruuuuuuuutal looks!

Anyway, bf was too busy being a judge to take that many good shots... so I don't have much pics to post up yet. However, one of the team members from our rival team took plenty of pics and even a video of our performance as well as theirs! They were dressed to kill in their sizzling Latino outfits. Really cool! Can't wait to see those pics! :)

Bodyjammers are da coolest bunch I've met, they can be rivals and great friends at the same time. All we want to have lotsa fun, dance our hearts out and perform!!! The last time they had this tribe challenge, I was in a Bodycombat team... and just like the name, all da teams were in Combat! They had a much stronger competitive streak than the Bodyjammers.

My lean mean Bodycombat ex-tribe leader!!

You lookin at me???!!!

Hope we can make it to da finals!! All will be revealed on June 4th! Arrghhh... suspense gila!


DM said...

All the best. :)
DM, Author,

kt said...

Thanx DM!! Can't wait 4 4th June... result time! Hope all teams go 2 da finals!:)

FaRaHHoNeY! said...

hahahahahaa...da brutal pict is sooooo FUNNY!!!!