Friday, June 01, 2007

Who to give your best?

I wonder why is it always easiest to hurt those closest to you? Why is it most difficult to take criticism constructively from those closest to you?

When your boss tells you your flaws, you take it constructively and improve yourself in your work.
When your lecturer/teacher tells you you are weak in a certain area, you works hard on those areas.
When your dance/vocal trainer tells you you gotta work on your rhythm, you spend many more hours practising.

Are we born great employees? Great students? Great sportsmen? Great dancers? Great singers?
No, we take conscious effort to better ourselves to reach that level of greatness!

When you mom tells you you should not befriend your drinking, partying fair-weathered "friends", you yell at her for denying you your rights to choose your own friends.
When your church friends tells you to break-up with your married boyfriend, you yell at them for imposing their self-rightous ways on you.
When your wife tells you to write down things so that you would not carelessly forget, you yell at her for nagging... you can't change, so accept it or leave!

Your mom loves you and worries about your safety.
Your church friends loves you and worries about your future.
Your wife loves you and worries that carelessness could cause you detrimental consequences.

But because they love you, you know they will forgive you.

Why do people do the best in their efforst to improve themselves for everyone else but those that love them? Don't these loved ones deserve your best?
Do give them your best before one day when it's too late. For your best will give them the greatest joy in life... much more joy than your boss, your lecturer, your trainer to whom you give your best to, ever will.

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shades said...

Perhaps it's the relationship that makes the difference?

You relate to your boss/teacher/trainer on a professional level and things are not much clouded by emotions.

The words that from the mouth of the ones you love do sound more personal in every way.