Sunday, June 03, 2007

Goodbye Poh Poh

My grandmother just passed away this morning... peacefully, in her sleep. She had not been well for many years, after an episode of stroke.

Farewell Poh Poh

It was a very heartbreaking news for my mom. My sister and I were not very close to Poh Poh because we live in KL and she lived in Penang... but still we have fond memories of her. We will be leaving for Penang tomorrow.

The most heartbreaking part for me is that she was not saved. All you Christians out there with non-believer families will understand exactly how I feel. There is no feeling of consolation that your loved one has returned to the Lord. How you wish you had shared the Lord with her earlier, how you wish you had prayed for her more often. It is times like these that the urgency hits you, the urgency of bringing all your loved ones to Christ.

Life is fragile... do not procrastinate.

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FaRaHHoNeY! said...

Karynn dearie...

Sorry to hear bout your Grandma...My deepest sympathy to u & ur family...