Saturday, June 30, 2007

Western Idolisation

Remember my post not to long ago about Aussie accent? It is very funny how us Malaysians (and perhaps all Asians??) love to idolize and emulate the Westerners.

I don't know if it's just me, but do any of you find that annoying??

I once had a friend who went to the U.S. for a 2-week vacation and came back with a very fake strong American accent... and loves to start a sentence with "Back in the states....". Spending a couple of weeks there does not make that place your home.

Then there's a colleague I have who studied in the UK for a couple of years and loves to babble on and on about how "In the UK, we had this.... In the UK, it was like that...." If you love it there so much, why come back?

And of course, those instructors who had an Aussie accent just because their trainer is an Aussie.

If these people had grown up there since childhood, or has spend all their lives there, I can understand why the accent sticks and why they would be used to the way thing were done there. Spending a short time there does not automatically make you a local there.

This is your home, Malaysia! You should be saying "Back in my kampung, we had...". Why not be proud of your real home?

It is very funny how ONLY those who goes to the Western countries do that. Those to go to the Eastern/Asian countries; be it to study, or for holidays do not catch that bug. Have you ever met a Chinese dude who studied medicine in India come back talking like this??

Hi! I am doctorrr Lee. Wod ees yourrr good name sirrr? Au mide youu be feeeling doday?
*shakes head side to side*


BH said...

i know a few of them instructors who got the OZ Ascent... hehehe, damn 9 fake right ? lol

SC said...

I think when they get on stage, they try to personify what they think is right, i.e the video in VERBATIM...funny though, combat video done by english man and woman, dunno why still got accent one wor? Kekekeke.

Mei Teng said...

Ahaha..I don't know why I ended up at your site while looking up for 'cervical spondylosis'. Yeah I got told off numerous times for even talking about England when I was home in my Kampung. But I shook off that odd (but funny) habit and embarked on an even worse one, I wouldn't stop talking about "In Malaysia/At home..." to my flatmates now and I think I'd be quite annoyed if I were them. But I can tell you, about the accent thing, almost ALL chinese/asians I know who moved here to study have a ready-made switch now to change between "made-up" and "original" speaking modes. Its weird, but we get by pretending we didn't see (or rather, hear) that just happened when someone "English" joins the conversation.

Having said that, I did meet someone who's a fellow in surgical training but trained (probably spent a long time) in India and before I knew that little fact, I was seriously wondering WHY ON EARTH does this chinese looking guy with a chinese name has SUCH A HEAVY INDIAN ACCENT when he speaks! That was hilarious come to think about it. ahaha..

Anyway, it was a good break from work reading your little rant (just kidding). Will probably surf back to your site for more interesting stories when I'm done with these nasty exams!

Anonymous said...

I don't know why I ended up at your site while looking up for 'cervical spondylosis'. But try not to be so racist...