Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Health is wealth

My dad has been suffering shoulder and arm pain for the past one month. Like most Chinese people over 50, no matter how I persuaded him to go see a doctor, he did not listen.

He went to see a Chinese Tabib instead for Urut. He said he had some muscular/nerve pain so he just urut with all his might! The result was severe decapacitating pain!! On Sunday, he could no longer stand the acute pain I had to admit him to the Emergency Department in Hospital Serdang.

After doing an x-ray, this was what they found.

Cervical Spondylosis/Osteophytes

The Emergency MO said it was not dangerous, only painful. Many old people suffer this as their bones degenerate. She gave him a referral letter to see the Orthopaedic Specialist and Physiotherapist, also some analgesia drugs/painkillers.

Yesterday, his pain acted up again, so severe that his painkillers don't work. He was again admitted to the Emergengy Department, this time given IV analgesia. The ER staff told us there were no Orthos around to see him, asked us to go home. I know that cannot be true as at least 1 Ortho has to be on call. I insisted to see the on-call Ortho. They finally called the on-call Ortho MO. She came down to see my dad and gave the same diagnosis then gave him an appointment to see the specialist today and more painkillers.

Today, he finally saw the Consultant Ortho. Not only was the osteophytes on the spine, it was also on the shoulder blades. But it was not severe, continuous physiotherapy should do the trick. Surgery is only the last resort, 75% of the sufferers get healed using physiotherapy.

Phew!! You cannot imagine how relieved my dad and my entire family was that it was not serious, that surgery was not needed. We can finally breathe normally back today...

Isn't it scary how your health deteriorates for no reason but your age? My dad is a healthy man, no history of any disease, eats well, does regular light exercises and drinks plenty of water. Take care of your health, you'll realize how much you miss it when you lose it.

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