Friday, September 21, 2007


I have always loved looking forward to something. As bf said, I am very goal-oriented person. I love having a goal so that I have something to look forward to achieving. I love the anticipation part to a celebration, a vacation, a new purchase... etc. The thing or the event itself may not all that significant but the anticipation is always good. It's like practising for a performance... more than half the fun is in the preparation.

Anticipation builds your hopes up and warms up your emotions for the actual event itself. It prolongs the pleasure of the event by giving you the joy of event way before the event itself. Good deal right?

So, I am gonna maximize my enjoyment... I am gonna start building myself up for my Japan trip way before it even happens. But flights have been booked!!

I've even picked out a Japanese name for myself... one closest to my name, Kaori Tanako! :)

Can't wait to see this!

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