Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Have my cake and eat it too!!

After confiding in my boss, have decided to postpone my MBA plans to the next intake in April 2008. Right now, I need to concentrate and focus all my energy into hitting my all my targets this year. Hit, hit and over-hit!!!!

Why can’t I afford the MBA this year?

When I started working, I’ve set the goal to go to at least 1 foreign place I have not been before every year. I have kept to or exceeded this goal every year without fail.

This year, I had already planned to go to Japan in November.
If I forgo Japan, I can go ahead with the MBA this year.
If I forgo my MBA, then I can go on all my exotic holidays.
But I don’t want either one to be in the way of achieving the other.

In other words, I want to have my cake and eat it too!!

Considering I do have some control over how much I can potentially earn, I think that I can work towards achieving both!! Consider it a desperation motivation to achieve all my targets!!

Beside, what good is it to have a cake if you can’t eat it eh??

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Min-D said...

hi...i guess you're not the only one who felt this way.I too,wanted to pick up a pro course since last yr but because of time,financial and maybe confidence , i was not able to do so.For my case it's worst.It's abt picking up a new skill and learning the techniques from scratch!I had to forgo holidays,shopping,etc.. as well.But believe me,it's worth it.Good luck!