Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Back to school?

Been thinking of taking up an MBA for a long time now. Done a lot of research on all the MBA's offered locally and finally found one that caught my interest:

It is RM50,000!!! Plus, I wanted to take the option of the 3-week long electives module in UK... that's roughly around another RM15,000 for accomodation/flight/meals. Have always envied those people with rich parents who had the opportunity to study overseas with highly-regarded university names attached to their certs. After working for so long, I thought I can finally do this for myself.

How am I gonna come up with that kind of money?

Withdraw my EPF and top up the rest from my savings? And put off buying a house or starting a family anytime soon?
Cannot, Strathclyde did not apply for the local Lembaga Akreditasi Negara thingy... so EPF withdrawal not possible.

My company offers an interest free loan to fund studies!! No need to touch my EPF, can save it for buying a home. Good news eh? I was so happy!! I even started filling up my application form and writing the essays.

Suddenly, I found out that the maximum repayment period is only 3 years. I can't afford high monthly payments as I have other commitments... so I can only borrow RM18K max. There's still another RM32K + RM15K short. My excitement was shortlived.

Now, can I really afford to do it??? :( :( :( :( :(...

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