Thursday, September 06, 2007

Mixed emotions...

My HR Manager came back to me with another loan proposal this morning... and I am able to afford to start my MBA next month!!! Her call really made my day this morning, I was ecstatic!! All I need now is to submit my application form and if the university accepts me, Strathclyde here I come!

I felt so happy all day that not only can I have my cake and eat it too... I can eat it NOW! I don't even know why am I so happy about suffering for the next two years. A couple of friends who has done it said that it was not an easy task to study and work at the same time. Yeah, I have to admit I am pretty scared now.... it's a big commitment to make. Financial, time and effort-wise too.

What if I have no time to study?
What if I can't pass the exams?
What if I have no time to do the courseworks?
What if I burn out from lack of quality "me" time?
What if I can't finish the program?
What have I gotten myself into?

Lantak lah all these questions! I'm supercalifragilisticexpialidocious-ly happy and excited right now! I must be crazy. Perhaps the feeling is like getting married? Happy and scary at the same time... like brides getting cold feet??

I can't wait to start!

***Er...actually my application haven't even been accepted yet... hehehe***


Ron said...

Karyn, happy for you on your good news.
Suggest the following checks:
1) How much of a salary increase does having an MBA give you & be honest with yourself in your ROI calculations
2) Would the money used for the MBA provide higher returns if placed in a medium yield mutual-fund for 3 years
3) What about buying a RM250K apartment (with 10% down) & renting it out, so your tenants help you pay for the loan-installments (chosen well, the rental income alone may be enough to pay for the monthly installments)
When I interview candidates at work, I look for what they bring to the table in terms of lateral thinking, real-world experience & passion. We've seen so many MBAs who can't explain a simple P&L statement or do a basic credit calculation (yikes). MBAs at my MNC are too common. What makes a person stand out of the crowd is real project-management experience.
Regardless, I enjoy reading your blog; dig your writing style.

kt said...

thanx 4 dropping by ron! but this mba is not really a financial investment, it's just something i've always wanted to do. i know the ROI of an MBA in Malaysia is next to nothing.

what i get is not a financial but an emotional ROI for every item struck-off my wishlist in life! :)