Friday, January 06, 2012

Learning the Ukulele

I've always ALWAYS wanted to busk in NYC. Being a pianist, erm... nak angkut piano or keyboard to NYC tu... erm, not exactly practical coz unfortunately, teleportation devices have not been successfully invented yet. My only option is just sing a-capella busking solo, erm... not exactly ideal either. My guitar skills?? Tak lah terra, guitars are big & heavy too. Carry it on a 24hr-long flight with transits in between?? No way.

So, I have decided to learn up a much more practical street busking instrument to accompany my singing... light, portable & needs no electricity source... the Ukulele!!!

The minute I decided to learn the Ukulele, I immediately bought one to get started on learning it. As luck would have it, it came in pink Hawaiian-ish floral design!! Can you imaging my joy????

I figured if Google could teach me how to make a yummy Chikuteh, Google can also teach me the Ukulele. And don't ever forget the power of Youtube!!

Tuning the Ukulele: erm, this guys's notes are kinda out. I had to use my keyboard as reference instead.

Learning how to play the basic chords

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some tuning to do... and a lot of practicing to do. La la laaaaaa ;-)

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