Saturday, January 28, 2012

Work or play??

Recently got to know about The Zhariff Initiative through Ellyne (whom also runs an awesome & amazing business herself ^.^). I guess in the last couple of years or so, I started to realize that life or your career need not be desk-bound from 9 - 5 in order to survive in this world. Businesses have evolved into something much much more meaningful than just profits and losses. It is amazing how people are creative enough to marry practicality and their passion rather than trying to juggle both at the expense of rest like what I had been doing.

What this company does, is a dream for lil' miss schizophrenia here... a cocktail of the arts, business & making a meaningful impact in society. What more can I ask for?? One of their uber cool project is this, RockCorps... will let the video speak for itself:

Is it cool or what?? There's more cool stuff up their sleeves. The founder himself, Zhariff Afandi is a walking talking inspiration with endless energy.

I'd really really like to give this a try but the timing is just not right. I still want 1 year sabbatical; to try anything & everything I've ever wanted, to cross off some of my silly wishlist like busk in NYC wt my ukulele, write a musical or just get a lead role in a musical...etc. This is more of a permanent position, & I doubt this opportunity will still be here waiting for me 1 year down the road. Or could this work end up feeling like play?? Or be the beginning of a new passion? Anyway, they're probably still interviewing heaps more people. Let's see where destiny leads me.... ^_^

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