Monday, January 16, 2012

Malaysian Girls Penang Tour

Today is the beginning of a new era, the end of the Malaysian Girls pageant. :( Our beautiful journey of friendship, learning, creating something beautiful together has come to an end. We hope our audiences have enjoyed it as much as we have. So sad... I have never met a big team like this before; no drama, divas, bitching, back-stabbing or bad-mouthing. This kind of camaraderie is usually only achieved in smaller teams. So, "How ugly can it get?" Not ugly at all.... AT ALL. How rare is that?? This team is truly a gem... never will I forget this beautiful journey that I have walked with the Malaysian Girls. ♥ ♥ ♥

Our final run was in none other than my birthplace, Penang. And boy, was it a wonderful run! The 1 week of run in Penang, we had full-houses almost every night. And the audience really had no inhibition, they laughed and cried and gave us their all... and as all live performers, we feed on their responses. So, we too gave them one helluva show! We love the Penang peeps... so sincere, so appreciative. We all wanna do more shows in Penang now!! ;)

Girls Backstage

Our friends frm PCC there to support us!! Yeayy!

Will miss Pooja heaps... the sweetest person I know, so thoughtful & sincere


Our wonderful musical director & his awesome team of musicians

The man who made it all possible, Joe, our director

"Seksi bukan seksa ya girls!!" Cikgu Lex, our choreographer

Packing up after a big glam show like this is no small job... 

Kee How from Penangpac
More penangpac peeps, the "V" guy did a fantabulous job selling our program books & CDs, & even sang Sydney Belle's Aria during the intermission!!! :) We didn't get that kind of promotion in KL :p

Glorious Penang food for the Cast Parteh

Yummy in my tummy
We also took a morning out to go for a nice Heritage Walk, courtesy of my hubs... proudly showing off his hometown. We started at the Esplanade area... food first, then Fort Cornwallis.

The myth is that the Sri Rambai Cannon can improve a woman's fertility if she hands a flower around it. You know who will definitely NOT be hanging any flowers there! ;-)

England dia banyak powderful... the bungalow is around the fort???? 

like this??? =.="
We then went to the state museum, which was surprisingly... well  maintained & curated.

An old gerabak of the train up to Penang Hill / Bukit Bendera

Hubs telling people about his hometown, dengan bangganya!

Banana leaf rice!!!

Peeps with a full tummy of banana leaf rice are happy peeps!!

So happy to be sharing this journey with him, our first production together was so wonderful... we hope for more to come in the future!!! :) :)

Mervyn sorting out they payment... too much? too little?

This is what the Penangites call "kelena seow"
I will most certainly have terrible post-production withdrawal symptoms for Malaysian Girls... I will miss everyone dearly!! Sobs sobs :( :(

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