Tuesday, August 15, 2006

All paws on deck!!

Just went to the Annual Dogathon in UPM on Sunday. This year they even have a theme... Pirates: All Paws On Deck! So many cute doggies around.

Too bad I couldn't bring Melodie along because she's just so jakun and possesive, she was so noisy and hostile to the other dogs when I brought her last year. It was just as well because all d games were full anyway. If I had brought her we wouldn't have been able to participate in anything. So I just ended up buying lotsa new stuff for her!

Always feel happy to see sooooo many dogs around, especially puppies. Actually I really regret not doing veterinary medicine...

Here are some shots from Sunday

Da huge St Bernards... lazing around.

Sit!! Good dog!

Sick puppy... poor cutie was dehydrated. Isn't he soooo adorable?

Adopt-a-puppy anyone??

A new pendant for Melodie, pretty?

Aw... look at that face. Who wouldn't fall in love with a Labrador?

Jack Russel, smart and hyperactive... not easy to keep up with

Look at him go!!

Siberian Husky basking in d tropical sun

Doggy: newly adopted by Dr Nat.

Spot on!!

Da beagle man attracting lotsa attention. So guys!! Go get a dog... dogs are chick magnets!

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Shirlyn said...

all of the dogs are nice n cute! i so love dogs....but cant rare one :(