Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Feast after feast

Yesterday I met up with some of my ex-colleagues, Mel and Zen for lunch. Coincidentally, all 3 of us were in the vicinity of HKL. So we decided to have the chilli pan mee off Jalan Pahang. Boy was it yummy!!

putting chilli in the pan mee

All mixed up!

Side dish

The chilli was soooooo hot and really potent, both Mel and I felt the fire in our tummy even until dinnertime!! But the stomach discomfort was well worth it!! Aaahh... the price of a good potent chilli paste!

Today, I went out for dinner with my sis at Genki Sushi... courtesy of HSBC. Thanks to my heavy card expenditures (mostly for work ok? I bukan that kaya), I get to redeem stuff with d points pretty often. Knowing how "wai sek" I am, I always redeem dining vouchers... heheh, free meals!! ;-p

Round and round they go

Our wasabe soy sauce paste, looks quite yucky actually


After dinner, we went shopping to work off the dinner. Couldn't resist the temptation of the Mega Sale... argh!!
new shoes! A thrill for all womankind

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