Tuesday, August 29, 2006

BJ at last!

For the past week, I have been trying to attend a Bodyjam class since last Monday's disappointment when Instructor-Talkalot replace one of my fav instructors' class. After that, I was craving to attend a good hearty BJ class.

Alas! I seemed to be fated to not have any BJ class fit my schedule since then:

Tue: Bestfriend's birthday!!! So pergi celebrate.
Wed: It was Rockstar Bollywood at Axis. I like Azie's class but dun really like Bollywood... probably because I dah ketinggalan 3 class already, got completely lost at recap time.
Thu: Got music practice in church. On duty for worship team last Sunday.
Fri: Haven't seen bf for days so decided to go for his BP class.
Sat: House spring cleaning day. By the time I was done, dah terlampau tired to move.
Sunday: wanted to go to FF LM for BJ, mana tau it's Rockstar Bollywood. So I went for combat in SPK instead.
Monday: Rushed like mad to attend BJ at FF LM, mana tau it was Michelle's BP class. I attended anyway since I was already there and I do enjoy her RPM & BC classes.

Today finally, I managed to attend Crystal's BJ!!! Wow! That gal didn't even stop for a single sip of water. I think we did a full class in a 45min slot. Finally had a great cardio workout and satisfied my BJ crave... just in time too. Tomorrow, I'll be flying off to KK, will be working through Merdeka Day and d weekend. So no more gym till next week!

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