Saturday, August 12, 2006

Lit choice

Just came back from Singapore about a couple of hours ago. Was in Bintan Island on Wed-Fri for my company training.

As I was leaving home for the airport to fly to Singapore, as usual I’d pack in something to read. The best time to catch up on my reading is during those long waiting time at the airport.

I was reading this

As you can see from the position of the bookmark, I am almost done with the book and am really anticipating to know how the story ends. However, this is a company thing. I guess it won’t do me any good to have my bosses see me read a chic lit. Perception or image is absolutely important in the corporate world so it definitely wouldn’t do my career any good to be perceived as the one who’s taste in literature is stuck somewhere in adolescence.

Especially since the day before, my big boss just loaned me this.

Oh no! Another one of those boring marketing self-help stuff.

Hmm, should I satisfy my curiosity for the ending of my chic lit or feed my corporate image in the company? I decided to choose the latter. I still want to work here. Ha!

Anyway, I’m more than halfway through the branding book and it isn’t so bad after all. The authors made it really simple and witty. They injected some sense of humour into too. They just shed light in areas that you probably already know about but never noticed or gave it much thought. Quite a good read!

Guess being a career-minded woman isn’t so bad after all. After all, I can always morph back into my girly self when I get back home to my nice pink room scented with lavender and curl up in bed with my chic lit!!

Anyway, gotta go to bed now. Going to the annual Dogathon tomorrow morning... that's why I cut my Singapore trip a bit short. Sigh! Bf just realized he couldn't make it at the last minute. Thought I'd have to go alone when luckily my dog-lover friend smsed me that she'll be going! Got teman to enjoy seeing all the cute doggies!! Goodnite!!

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