Sunday, July 15, 2007


After a long 12-hour flight, I finally arrived at the Zurich airport...

Swiss planes

Fortunately, the transit time was only about an hour to my next flight to Geneva. Found out later that many of the delegates for the International Society of Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH) meeting actually lost or had their luggages delayed. 1-hour transits may not be such a fortunate thing after all eh? Thankfully for me, my luggage arrived on the same flight I did, with not delay. :)

Checked in to a small charming hotel at the heart of Geneva, conveniently very close to the central train station Gare Cornavin.

With barely enough time to just chuck my luggage into the room, had to be on the move again... heading towards another town outside of Geneva called Neuchâtel to take a tour of our manufacturing facility there. Unlike the industrial areas around Asia, theirs is full of greens and colourful flowers. It's beautiful, wouldn't it be great to work in such conditions instead of the concrete jungle of KL.

Vast open fields of green all the way there

The little town of Neuchâtel

In the evening, we went back to Geneva and had dinner by the Geneva Lake where the famous fountain is located.

Jet d'eau... which is just a literal translation for water fountain

The sky is very deceiving there, you don't feel it getting late at all. This was taken at 9.40pm!

It only gets dark after 10pm!

The weather that day was perfect, cool and clear skies... perfect for a walk back to the hotel after a filling dinner.

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missmynx said...

gosh....i'm so jealous :P

it's beautiful!!
did you managed to travel abit?