Wednesday, July 25, 2007

DIY: Taking shower without a towel

After working out at Menara Axis today, I realized I forgot to bring my towel. I had to go and attend an MBA program preview after that, takkan la I show up all sweaty and smelly there kan? So, I improvized learnt something I'd like to share with everyone... taking a shower sans towel.

Pre-shower preparation:
Bring lots and lots of tissue paper with you into the shower stall.

Step 1:
Take your shower as usual.

Step 2:
Wring your hair as you would a wet cloth.

Step 3:
Make like a dog and shake-shake-shake!

Step 4:
Use lotsa tissue paper to dab yourself dry.

Step 5:
Step out of the shower stall and head for the hairdryer. Then blow dry yourself.

Ta-da!! Clean and dry... all ready for your next appointment!


Bernsy said...

so did u get a headache shaking too much ah ? ur hair so long ma.. hahahaha

shades said...

hmm... Had the experience of not brining my towel before. What I did? Wipe myself dry with my clean tee(brought extra tees)...

sunshine said...

And if you don't have any clean clothes to use, like me....shower, dry oneself with the drier parts of the just worn workout clothes ( what to do,didn't think of the tissue), put on the new dry clothes, than quickly rush to the hair dryer to dry hair and also dry the damp parts of the newly put on clothes! :p

SC said...

Hehehe...funny lar you all. Luckily, now I got short hait, don't have to shake like mad...hahaha

kt said...

wahaha!! guess i'm not d only who forgets 2 bring towel. maybe we should all upgrade to Gold membership???

bernsy: no headache la. must know da right wat to shake la... :p

shades: i didn't hav extra tees wor

sunshine: my workout clothes usually drenched wor... yuck! hehe

sc: yeah, i oso know how convenient it is to hav short hair, but m vain wor. trying 2 grow it really long now ;)

tburke said...

Haha, I forget my towel at the gym all the time. I found a gym by my house that has a full body dryer (I think it's called a Tornado Body Dryer) and it takes like 90 seconds to dry off. I never have to bring my towel anymore, it's awesome!