Monday, July 23, 2007

Out of Geneva

Decided to skip blogging about the rest of my time in Geneva because it was just more churches, museums and archeological sites... *yawn*. So I've fast forwarded to the interesting bit about my Swiss experience... my adventures out of Geneva.

Thankfully had some free time before we left for home, so one of the Malaysian doctors, my Marketing Director from Singapore and myself went on an adventure of our own out of Geneva. We took the train Geneva-Montreux-Zweisimmen-Interlaken-Bern-Geneva.

Our adventures began when we stopped over at Montreux. What a beautiful little town... Wish we could've stayed for the Jazz Festival. Apparently Jazz music's best has performed there before including one of my all-time favourite, Ella Fitzgerald!


Picture perfect scenery, can you imagine waking up everyday to this?

Pretty pretty flowers by the water

From Montreux, we took the Panoramic train to Zweisimmen... admiring the view all the way.

Happy with my window seat!

Enchanting little train stations all the way... too bad about the reflection.

The hills are alive... with the sound of music.

There was a blind man sitting next to me, with his very clever helper doggie; a black labrador. So cute!! And so obedient... I wish my Melodie can be half that obedient.

Man's best friend

We passed the Lake Thun on the way to Interlaken. The name means in between lakes. The other lake is Brienz.

Lake Thun

We also had lunch in Interlaken. I had the Schweizer Rosti. The waitress taught me to say it properly, it's pronounced as Shvait-zer Ros-ti. It's grated potato with lots and lots of cheeeeese. Yum yum!!

My Schweizer Rosti

Snow-capped mountains!!

Wish we had the time to go up there. But since we all brought along summer clothing, we were not well-equipped for the cold. Dr Jam and I wanted to go Para-gliding but we did not have the time to. :(

We did the next best thing... shopping. Hehe! Not that there was much to buy, everything was super expensive anyway. We walked around alot.

Who's d horsey??

Houses by the mountains

What a beautiful sight to wake up to everyday eh? Majestic mountains and fresh cool air. The weather that day was perfect, sunny yet not even half as hot as KL.

Stay tuned for the final episode of my Swiss adventure!!


HL said...

we went to interlaken too, but we did go up to the mountains cos we'd already planned to do that and were ready with warmer clothing. the trip up isn't that cold, but when you get to the top it's about -2 degrees C, and snowing!

loved interlaken, it was very picturesque. i had a nicer time there than geneve which after a while, becomes just another city...

SC said...

Been to Lake Lucerne...the journey on the Alps...fuah..damn nice. Those small cottages in the midlle of the hillside..hehehe. Almost burst out in song! ( if I could sing like Julie Andrews la.) And Everything looks like Edelweiss..clean and clear, small and bright!

kt said...

HL: how nice... snow!! Dis tropics gal has never seen snow before yet le. Will be more than happy to bear the cold just to do that!!

SC: ya ya, really got the "The Sound Of Music" feel to it. Would love to visit Austria one of these days... my fren said that the Austrians hate that movie but is making loads of $$ from those TSOM tours...hehehe ;p