Thursday, July 19, 2007

Time (piece) after time (piece)

One of the afternoons, I tagged along with my Singaporean colleague to go around Geneva... with a few of the Singaporean doctors.

Just took this because the bicycle lights look so cute

We went to visit the Patek Philippe watch museum because we had the free tickets from our conference registration booklet.

Couldn't take any pics inside :(

The museum was filled with super expensive time pieces. But in my opinion, they were quite ugly and old fashioned. Perhaps I do not know how to appreciate it. I only saw one pendant watch with was really beautiful, gold with crawling flower plants. I wish I can find a less expensive replica of that watch. It would be perfect for people like me who do not like wearing anything on the wrist.

This time piece we can take pics of!!

The flower clock

Later that night we went to a very popular Swiss restaurant called Edelweiss. Had fondue again! Yum! But this one was with alcohol... I preferred the one I had with Peter which was alcohol free. No bitter after taste.

Me and a bunch of Singaporean doctors... and cheese!

There was a performance held on stage.

How does this benefit my job? Networking with Singaporean doctors? ... perhaps I can get the opportunity to work in Singapore someday? Some time in the near future???

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HL said...

so sad, when we were there in May, they were replanting the flower clock. i'll dig up the picture to show you... it looks nothing like your picture!!