Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Swiss Capital

In Interlaken, when we were torn between para-gliding and going to Bern we asked the girl at the para-gliding counter if we hadn't enough time to do both, which should we choose??? I am very pleasantly surprised that the girl, not at all kiasu or desperate for a sale, told us that Bern is their beautiful capital where there are cute underground shops and many more things to see. She told us to choose to go to Bern.

Wow! If she was an Asian, she'd definitely grab the business first... who cares about showing off your country's capital eh???

When we arrived in Bern, it was a much busier place than Geneva. Full of people, shops and plenty of construction going on. Not construction of new modern tall buildings, but renovations to preserve the beauty of old buildings.

Shopping area

A bridge with a view

Me on da bridge

Some more shopping area...

The shops here in Bern closes much later than in Geneva.

...and more

Beautiful gardens even in the city

Me breathing in the cool Swiss air

We got back to Geneva late that day due to the long train ride. But it was a wonderful day out, no rain... as if the skies are on our side. It had been raining almost daily prior to that. Still, I wish I had more time to do all the things I wanted to do there. What is going to Switzerland without going to the snowy mountains for a ski excursion eh??? Maybe next time.

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