Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Cambodia: Episode 2 - Tomb raiders

The next day was Angkor Wat day. You may think it is awfully silly to allocate 1 whole day to see just a stupid temple but it was HUGE!!! But nevertheless, still just a stupid temple la... heheheh

The entrance to the area... from the looks of this, you won't know how big it is inside

Guards outside d temple entrance... eh? missing a head?

Maybe I can help?

Me in front of the Bayon... one of the many temples in there

Carvings on the wall... less violent-looking compared to those I saw in Thailand. These people look peaceful

Zwui and I

Terrace of the elephants

The temple where trees grew right through the walls, or rather around it
Reminds me of Davy Jones...

Some more trees...

After walking through many temples, all starts to look the same. Until we came to the main course of temples. Angkor Wat...

Has its own moat... cantik kan?

As you enter, this is wat you'll see... also the sky was full of dragonflies

Inside the corridors where Lara Croft walked...

The middle part was a taller building... with steep stairs
The black shadow kat tengah tu aku la

Me climbing up the scary steep stairs in scorching hot sun.
If you ask me to do things like this right here in KL, I'll ask you back "Siao ah?!!" It's Angkor Wat baru la I give face.

View from the top

The other view from the top. Yikes! How to go down?

But we managed anyway... then we waited for sunset. They said that the sunset gives Angkor Wat a orange glow.

Betul pun

The sky looks pretty as the sun sets doesn't it?

Later that night we decided to split out from Mother Hen's group and go lepakking just the 3 of us: Zwui, pIggy and me. We went to this Khmer restaurant for dinner.

Nice ambience

Check out the food presentation! A+!

The taste? A+ also. I loved the eggplant (the big dish in the middle).

Anyway, probably have to really squeeze time to finish up the Camobia blog this week as big boss has just given me lotsa work, due on Monday!!! Yikes!! Dunno how I'll manage to do 3 marketing plans in 5 days. But it's my own fault jugak... the task was something I promised to do and had already set my own deadline after my Korea training. I just thought nobody remembered. Now, I gotta finish up what I promised to do!!

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