Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Crummy welcome back

I'm back!! Glad to be in the comfort of home again but had a crummy "welcome back" where I got stood up... so not in d mood to blog about the trip yet. Will do it later...

Just wondering:
Why do people make promises just to break them?
Why do people raise up a person's hopes just to shatter it later?
Why is it so easy for people to disappoint those who are closest to them?
Is it all worth it?
Sorry, I know it's no fun to read an emotional blog. Just wanna vent out some frustration and disappointment here, will be fine later.


Shirlyn said...

mind me i also don like ppl who break their own promise... i rather them dont make promise

don expect n give hope too high so u wont get disappointed much

kt said...

yeah, i agree wt u on d first part gal!

but d 2nd part, sometimes it's not so easy to not put hope in things eh?