Sunday, September 03, 2006

Home sweet home

D KK trip was pretty good. Some lectures were damn hard to understand but most were ok!! Think I'm all set for my upcoming exams early next year for all these bleeding disorders.

Aside from the lectures, we had loads of fun too. Went cycling wt d doctors... they're a very energetic and fun bunch too.
We even went jungle trekking in the rain, and snorkelling too. I didn't bring along my camera for that so takde la pics.

Dinner at the revolving restaurant.

Pretty nice ambience... with live jazz piano. Abit pening that it kept turning though.

Food was boleh tahan only... but very well presented.

It was all in all a very good trip but am really tired... dunno why I can't sleep early last night nor could I wake up later today... so here I am up bright and early, blogging! Will try and catch a nap later.

Oh, anyway as I got home yesterday... saw that a spider had made its new residence in my room. Apalah... I was only gone for less than a week. When I go to Cambodia next week then what? A whole food chain builds a home in my room? Fat chance... my vacuum cleaner to the rescue!

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