Thursday, September 14, 2006


Alamak!! Took leave to rest today but am sick instead. Shouldn't taken MC... oh, but I "shouldn't be so calculative". So, tak ambik MC la. Just saw the doctor... am at home now, resting.

I knew my body needed rest to recover from a tiring trip. Maybe if I had taken a day off yesterday I'd be all healthy and productive today eh? Aku bukan robot la... I need rest too.

Anyway, thankfully got bf's TLC tadi... at least sick also feel happier. Happy people heal faster!! Maybe later can blog about Cambodia???


Shirlyn said...

gal, u take care! envy u got TLC...i pun mau kakaka

kt said...

hehehe, u'll hav ur own share of TLC too! :-)
but i really hate being sick... with TLC or otherwise :-(