Friday, September 29, 2006

Chicken pox!!!!

Boo hoo hoo!!!!!

Been having fever for the past few days with no flu or sore throat... Didn't suspect chicken pox at all, till today morning, I looked in the mirror and voila!! SPOTS!!!! Argh!! Ugly red spots... everywhere!!!

Now I'm kind of on "house arrest"... stuck here like a prisoner. And can't eat many foodstuff too. Had plans to celebrate bf's birthday tomorrow and was really looking forward to it. But now everything is ruined!!!

Boo hoo hoo!!!!!


yhsmom said...

Poor you! That's what I have been dreading as well because I have nevr had chicken pox up to this grand old age!

kt said...

wow! lucky u... anyway, do get urself vaccinated. it's terrible!! i hope i wont get scars :-/