Saturday, September 23, 2006

Cambodia: Final Episode

After a full day of Angkor Wat, the next morning some of us had to be up early to go to church. Yup! This was as mini-mission trip as well as a holiday. Mother Hen, pIggy, Zwui, Evelyn, Christine and me went to visit a local church to sing a few praise and worship songs and share some testimonies.

Da road t da church, all dirt road so twas a bumpy ride

Da New Living Hope Center

Their own praise and worship team

Pastor Chhay

We sang and gave testimonies for both services, the Khmer service and English service. During the Khmer service, we had Pastor Chhay as our translater. The Khmer service was actually given by a missionary from the US. Imagine leaving all the comforts of a 1st world country to be there... I don't think I would be able to give up da comfort of my nice pink room here in KL.

Us, singing and praising da Lord!

After church, we went back to the guest house to eat, pack and wait for our bus back to Phnom Penh. Da bus was late and we waited about an hour for it. What we didn't know was that we were in for more surprises later.

About 80% into our journey, when we nearly arrived in Phnom Penh, the bus met with a minor accident. Apparently, a drunken motorcyclist hit the bus but accused the bus of hitting him. Since their law is such that the bigger vehicle is always at fault, the bus and its driver had to be arrested!!! What about us??

Well, we had to wait for another bus from the same company to come pick us up. We finally got to Phnom Penh safely but really late. There goes our massage plans.

Our room in Hotel Angkor International

The next morning, pIggy, Zwui and I walked out the the riverside for breakfast and a massage since we tak dapat go the night before.

Roadside barbers!

The riverside in daylight

We had a nice big breakfast at a restaurant at the riverside then off to the massage parlour!! We asked the hotel manager for recommendation of a proper, "clean" massage place with no "extra" service....hehehe

Us, at the massage place

The massage room is upstaire

Their massage is the gentle kind because they do not use oil but they used powder. pIggy likes strong painful massages so it wasn't really his type of massage. Nothing like the strong hands of the blind in Brickfields.

After the massage, we negotiated with a tuk tuk driver and went off to the shooting range. We didn't know it was pretty far from where we were. It was in the outskirts and the road... bumpy and dusty. We had to brave through a few sand storms.

Selling petrol in tong besar by the roadside!
Once we reached the driving range, it rained. Oh well, at least no more sand storm and eating sand on our way back.
We chose to shoot the M16, just like in the movies. The fella there said that M16s are easier to aim too and very accurate.

G.I. Karynn...hehehe

The target was quite far away... that speck of white thingy at the end

Lotsa shells on the floor but can't take back or will be stopped at the airport.

We each hit the man twice so he kinda died 6 times!
Pretty accurate for amateurs, imagine if a professional wanted to assasinate u with an M16, sure bullseye. Can't run.
You can swab my hands now and get GSRs (gun shot residue) just like in CSI!
On the way back although no sandstorm, because the road has become soft and muddy from the rain. The tuk tuk couldn't move on some parts that we had to come down and help push it!! Yikes! Just look at our shoes...

That evening we went back to the hotel to mandi and clean up all that mud. Then we went a walking outside. We stumbled upon a dessert stall and decided to try the desserts they sell.
Looks funny but taste pretty good.

The Khmer leng lui selling the dessert and me
Then we went back to the riverside for dinner at this restaurant
The Khmer Borane Restaurant

Us syok sendiri with the camera timer

The food was good there too!! Loved the fish soup!
The next morning, we went to the Central Market for some last minute shopping to finish up our cash and help boost the Cambodian economy. After that was lunch then airport.
Da whole gang at the airport
Then it's goodbye Cambodia... although it was an interesting trip but we all couldn't wait to get back to the comforts of home in KL.

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