Monday, April 10, 2006

Am I one in a million?

Really... am I? We'll know next weekend! What's on next weekend?

I'll be going for the audition on Saturday the 22nd April in Times Square with my bestfriend, Joyce and my high-school friend, Vince. Hah! This is gonna be like the Malaysian Idol thingy we went for last year and last-last year! Whether we get in or not, it is gonna be tonnes of fun! This competition is a bit different from the Idols as you are allowed to show off more than just your singing talent. Therefore, I will have to start practising piano. Then I can attempt to be the next Alicia Keys or Norah Jones! ;-) No lah, I am not as good as them but I'll try my very best! Vince said that he'll be bringing his guitar along.

It is always so much more fun when you go in a group. From my experiences, waiting time can be a killer, physically and emotionally. So, when you go with your friends, it's like a fun outing with friends of the same interests. Oh, the best part is almost everyone there is only about 18-20 years old and they actually think that we are their age! Does wonders for your self esteem. Anyone else interested to come with us? Please do join us!


yhsmom said...

Best of luck!

kt said...

thanx!! :-)