Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Sick again :-(

Sigh! I dunno what's wrong with me but it seems that I've been getting sick pretty often this year. Maybe it's because of my role change at work from sales to marketing. In sales, I hang around hospitals and ICU's a lot more often. Probably had a better immune system then. Now my bug-exposure is limited. Sheeesh! Maybe I should go back to sales?

Or maybe it's d new anti-oxidant supplement I am taking which is not as effective as my previous one? Maybe I should switch back to the old anti-oxidant? But I was too kiasu, I bought an awfully big bottle because it was such a good deal. Now I gotta finish it up first.

280 tablets!!! When will it finish????

I have decided to stop taking this supplement for the time being and self-prescribe something else to take care of this terrible flu (hopefully it did not come from any birdies).

my usual flu medication, I hate antibiotics

This is just ammunition, my body will do the rest to battle the viruses!!

Aside from the flu, I woke up with one of those neck-lock pain. So, since Monday morning, I couldn't turn or move my head without the sharp pain in the back and neck! This one, I do not know how to self medicate therefore I saw a doctor yesterday.

some painkillers, muscle-relaxants & muscle rub

I hope it gets better soon. Ouch!


all-aboard! said...

I was given medication identical to the ones in your picture when I had a neck sprain - the Flanil, the muscle relaxant in that greyish silver foil and them painkillers! deja vu!

Hope your neck is better. I know how incapacitating it is. Some more got flu. I hate antibiotics too. Do they sell Lemsip locally?

Hope you feel better soon!!!

kt said...

thanx! the neck feels better today but flu stil bad. :-(
er, i dunno if they sell Lemsip here... is it effective?