Saturday, April 01, 2006

Mel's annual affair

I'm back with the bunnies today!! ...that's why I have access to the internet.

Anyway, Melodie's annual affair is her vaccination. Last Saturday, I finally brought her to the vet. This time I decided to drive further and not go to the nearby vet. So I brought her back to her old vet in Cheras.

The doctor was really nice. He said Melodie was in the pink of health! Told him about my difficulty of bringing her in a car and he even suggested I buy the drug at the clinic and get my vet friend to do the injection for Mel. See what I mean? There ARE doctors out there who cares more about the animals than making money! The injection went smooth... Mel didn't even feel a thing! Here we go!

On the way home, she was a good little girl all the way. I bet it was a relief for her to finally reach home.

Aaahhh, grass sweet grass

Home sweet home!

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BlurChu? said...


The dog's so cute! But the rabbits are cuter!

Anyway, we now have a new convert here! Do enjoy blogging with blogger now, Yee Huey!