Saturday, April 22, 2006

Tender love

When your children are hurt or wounded…
Wouldn’t you rush to give them some tender loving care?

Or would you show them your own wounds to compare and tell them you’ve had worse?

If you promise them to show up for their recital at school, but you couldn't make it because of things beyond your control…
Would you apologize profusely because you feel bad that you’ve broken a promise and let them down?

Or would you tell them you cannot help it because the causes were beyond your control?

When they tell you that it is embarrassing when you pinch their adorable cheeks in front of their friends…
Would you apologize, make it up to them and promise never do it again?

Or would you tell them that they embarrass you in front of your friends too?

Because of your love for them, it is not about trying to even the scores.
Because of your love for them, it is not about whose fault it is that made them unhappy.
Because of your love for them, it is about doing your best to make them happy,
which in turn make you happy…
Because you love them so much.
But wouldn't life be most perfect, if they loved you as much too?

What if they didn't love you the way you love them?
What if your love is not returned?
Would you still continue loving them regardless?
Hoping everyday that they will soon learn how to love you back?

Or will you give up hope and stop loving them one day?

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