Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Eh wau buleh, eh wau buleh

Yup! I am in Kota Bahru once more. Just flew in yesterday evening. Not that pleasant a flight though… delayed, a bit turbulent and I got the back seat right at the very last row! I will definitely go back and make some noise to our company’s travel agent.

Also, there is no 8tv here!! So I have missed last night episode of Desperate Housewives!! Boo hoo hoo!!

The room here’s quite nice too. But didn’t sleep well last night. Never did like sleeping alone.

Food, yucks! Sweet and funny tasting as usual. I really can’t understand how they can incorporate sweet and citrusy taste in a beef bacon sandwich!!!

I’ve finished work for today and it is super boring here in KB. Nothing much to do and no one I know either. So, what’s my bestfriend whenever I travel alone?

Yeah, my regular purchase at KLIA are these women’s mags.
Only going home on Fri evening flight. Sigh! 2 more days in this boring town.

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